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Queen's Platinum Jubilee Bauble

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Bauble

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee collection celebrates 70 years since HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Ascension. The intricately hand-drawn design was inspired by the magnificent dress worn by The Queen during her Coronation in 1953 featuring embroidered flowers from across the Commonwealth including the Tudor rose (England), thistle (Scotland), leek (Wales), shamrock (Ireland), wattle (Australia), maple leaf (Canada), fern (New Zealand), protea (South Africa), lotus flowers (India and Ceylon) and wheat, cotton, and jute (Pakistan).

Using traditional craftsmanship up to 20 pairs of hands can be involved in making each bauble. This includes applying the intricate design skilfully by hand.

- Hand-crafted using Cornish Clay in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK, the heart of the 'Potteries'.
- Made by Duchess China 1888, exclusively for Victoria Eggs.
- Fine bone china
- Dimensions: 60mm / 2.4" diameter.