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Autumn Garden Mug

Autumn Garden Mug

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The comforting Autumn Garden collection is filled with curiosity and warmth and was inspired by the smell of pine needles, the crunch of frosty leaves underfoot and snuggling up next to the fire.

Using traditional craftsmanship up to 20 pairs of hands can be involved in making each mug. This includes attaching each handle skilfully by hand.
- Hand-crafted using Cornish Clay in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK, the heart of the 'Potteries'.
- Made by Duchess China 1888, exclusively for Victoria Eggs.
- Fine bone china
- Dimensions: 89 (h) mm x 85 (diameter) mm

- Capacity : 380 ml
- Weight : approx 250 grams.

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