The National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of London’s most iconic museums, in its prime location on Trafalgar square it is among the capital’s most recognisable sights for tourists and Londoners alike. Now housing an index of almost two and a half thousand paintings that date from the thirteenth century, the gallery is unique in that it was not formed from an aristocratic collection but from a purchase made by the government in 1824. Encyclopaedic rather than specialist, the National Gallery provides a journey through seven hundred years of historical art.

In her design, Victoria sought to capture the seminally British spirit of the gallery. Having dutifully run their paths around the country for sixty years, the Routemaster bus has become an icon, not only of London but of the UK as a whole. Victoria used the London bus design adorned with ‘The National Gallery’ typeface to bring together the emblematic Routemaster with its familiar destination. The design is available as a tea towel in a quintessentially British Red from the gift shop, and has been handmade in Britain.