Lewes Gourmet

Lewes Gourmet tea towelLewes, Delaware, USA, was the first town in the first state and is steeped in history and culture. Gift and puzzle shop Lewes Gourmet, had been an existing customer and discussed their desire to celebrate this vibrant community by creating a range of gifts to sell in their store and in other attractions. It's an inclusive design where many local businesses, attractions and educational facilities all got involved. 

The design includes imagery, logos, place names and facts about the local area. Victoria definitely learnt a lot about the lovely town of Lewes whilst working on this project and her aim was to capture the community spirit of the place. 

The design is available in three colours on tea towels, prints and greetings cards.

Lewes Gourmet products

Lewes Gourmet PrintLewes Gourmet red tea towel