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Some like it HOT Giveaway Competition

Victoria Eggs

Posted on July 31 2013

This summer has truly been one of a kind. With Andy Murray and Chris Froome reminding all other nations sporting nations why we"re the only country that has the word Great in its name, and the arrival of the royal baby captivating the world, Great Britain as been the talk of the season. To keep up with all of this excited, and to celebrate the last full month of summer, here at Victoria Eggs we"re offering a competition hotter than July"s heat wave!

Starting Friday (2/8/13), we"re launching a Some like it HOT Competition! How do you play? Simple, go to our Facebook page, Victoria Eggs Ltd, or just click to enter. If you like us on Facebook or follow @VictoriaEggs on Twitter you will receive one point for each. Then, tweet about the giveaway (don"t forget to tag us!) or share the competition on your Facebook page. Tell people about our competition every day and get 2 points each time!

What"s the prize? The winner of our Some Like it HOT Competition will receive a Great British Outline Canvas Bag filled with a Nicely Nautical Tea Towel and an Ice Cream Delight Cushion to make your home feel like a British Holiday all year long. This hot hot hot competition will run though August, soaking up the last rays of summer. Ready? Set. Go!


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