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This December, Victoria Eggs will have the fantastic opportunity to participate in Pop-Up Piccadilly in which we will share a store with nine other entrepreneurs to display and sell our products. From December 5th-11th, head down to Pop-Up Piccadilly located at 213 Piccadilly Street, St James', London, W1J 9HL to see what Victoria Eggs and many other emerging startups have to offer. These include The TeaShed, (unique teas and gifts), Mallow & Marsh (irresistible marshmallows), Bone and Rag (nice stuff for dogs), Sujuu (ethical fashion), Jenny Schwarz (designer Menswear), Village England (beautiful bags), A Rum Fellow (Home accessories), Willyfinder (playful outdoor all-in-ones) and Finch & Crane (unique home accessories).


Pop-Up Piccadilly is part of Pop-Up Britain which was created by Startup Britain to allow up-and-coming British brands to showcase their products on the High Street for a short period in order to gain some recognition and visibility for their company. Just in time for Christmas, this event will have a unique variety of products from local British brands that are sure to make great gifts.  According to StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones: “Our Piccadilly pop-up shop is giving new home-grown brands the kind of opportunity they've dreamed of. From here they can showcase and trade on an equal level with big international brands in one of the most desirable shopping destinations in the capital.”


Startup Britain is an organization "by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs" which seeks to stimulate enterprise in the UK with the help of the private sector including businesses such as John Lewis, Vistaprint, Iris, and others. Startup Britain was launched by David Cameron and has the full support of the UK government in hopes that the future success of startup companies will help to lead to economic recovery. A branch of Startup Britain, Pop-Up Britain started with their first shop in Chard, and from there has expanded to eight other locations throughout the UK besides Piccadilly such as King's Road, Ashford, Dunstable, and Richmond.

This concept is brilliant for online retailers who cannot afford to rent and maintain a shop on their own, but who still want to try and get their name out there. Not to mention, it allows these entrepreneurs to test market their products as well as get customer feedback in a way that they could not hope to gain from exclusive online sales. Â This is very important for a new company, as they can determine whether there is a niche in the market for their products to justify investing more money into expanding their brand.

Hopefully, Pop-Up Piccadilly will be as successful for us as it has been for so many other Startups; but, regardless it is an amazing opportunity that we are grateful to be a part of and cannot wait to participate in. We hope to see you all there!

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