Horrid Halloween - Ghoulish Ideas

Apple cider, dunking apples, crazy sweets, ghost stories, and dressing up in silly costumes! … it’s the night of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies are particularly active… If you’re a little too old for trick or treating, whether you’re brave enough to be out on the town or having a reclusive night in, here’s a few ideas to get you in the mood…

Scary (Funny) Movie Time


Watch a scary film, an old classic or a comedy Halloween movie. Make some popcorn, invite friends over! Check out this list of the best Halloween movies, there are some downright disturbing one’s, some classic fun ones (mild enough not to scare kids!), and great choices for hopeless romantics and vampire fans!

Pumpkin Seed Halloween Snacks

Pumpkin Seed Halloween SnacksIf you’re carving a pumpkin, then keep you seeds when gutting it out so you can roast them up for a Halloween treat. Roasted pumpkin seeds are nutritious, being high in fibre and essential minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium and with these great recipes below, savoury or sweet, they taste delicious.

Sweet & Savoury Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Creative Ways to Use Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Pumpkin Pie

This is a twist on the regular pumpkin pie which is a US tradition and so to make it a little more British and pudding like - the Hemsley sisters have come up with a super easy version which is more like a soufflé that a pie, it’s a winner! Get the recipe here.

Scary London

Scary London

If you’re in and around London on Halloween, and you have the nerve, you can catch a horror film away from the safety of your sofa, check out the showings at these assorted venues

There are a number of ghoulish events happening around Hallows Eve. You can go on an eerie Ghost Ship tour and experience the true horror of life at sea on the Cutty Sark, before settling down beneath the ship to a screening of the classic 1931 Dracula movie with a shot of whisky to warm off the chills…

Or take a ride on the dark side and discover the ghoulish secrets and gory history of London with The Ghost Bus Tours, hold on to your seat…

The Midnight Apothecary Halloween Special

The Midnight Apothecary Halloween Special

Situated above Brunel's Thames Tunnel in the decked out garden, amid pumpkin lanterns you can drink Halloween Squawky, Bitter Pumpkin and Peary Scary Brandy Punch cocktails, and toast marshmallows over the roaring fire pit. Book early, it’s a popular event.

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