Father's Day

Father's Day is just over a month away on June 15 th, but for the first man you ever loved and that one person who has had your back, from learning how to ride a bike to helping you move into your first place, it is never too early to start planning that perfect day. We've got some brilliant ideas on how to make the most out of this Father's Day and show your old man just how much he means to you.

Don't let the morning slip away but rather start the day off right with a cuppa and smoked salmon breakfast sandwich in bed for your dad. A home cooked breakfast in bed is sure to get the day off to a swinging start and him eagerly anticipating what else awaits.

That Sunday is the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend spread throughout twenty-seven boroughs in London. Two hundred communal gardens that are normally closed to the public will unlock their gateways for a weekend of lovely nature and splendor. There's no better way to spend quality time with your old man than a quiet stroll through gardens ranging from private roof terraces to gardens belonging to shops, cafes, and historic buildings. If your dads the active type, guided tours on foot and by bike are available to help you stay moving throughout the day and visit as many gardens as you please.

No matter what your dad fancies in his pastime, there are an abundance of places and sights to visit that will surely spark smiles, memories, and enjoyment for the whole family. London is abounding with culture through the assorted range of museums, including the Tate Modern, London Transport Museum and London's sports museums.

End the afternoon with a Father's day meal or perhaps just a few brews at a cozy neighborhood pub. However, if your dad is anything like mine, he would prefer putting his master grill skills to work, proudly showing off his masculine domesticity. If the barbecue is his domain, make sure to supply him with our British Barbecue range. It includes coordinating Aprons, Oven Mitts, and Tea Towels patterned with all the barbecue essentials, allowing your dad to be the sleekest and cleanest grill master around. For the whole package, gift your dad with a Victoria Eggs Barbecue Gift Set, the secret ingredient to a sizzling hot barbecue."

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