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2015 is the year of DIY party planning for decorating, entertainment and refreshments. At VE headquarters, we have found many ways to get imaginative with our parties by combining different creative projects with VE products.

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What better way to do it yourself than to start with the birthday cake. Home made cakes are becoming a trend this year. Get your favorite cake recipe and use sprinkles, cake toppers, colorful candles and sparklers to decorate. Making your own cake is a easy way to save money and get creative. You can even get some of your friends in on the fun for a pre-party bonding event.

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If your guests have a bit of a sweet tooth, a candy buffet is a great way to entertain them. Candy buffets are very easy to do plus they are a great cost saver! Buy different sizes and shapes of clear jars and bowls from your local home store or supermarket. Next fill them with your favorite sweets. Choosing the same color of different kinds of sweets and desserts adds a more professional touch to your DIY candy buffet. Matching the sweet colors to the theme of your party is a way to get even fancier with your buffet.



Balloons are a fun way to add color, fun and even elegance to an event. They work perfectly for parties for children and adults alike. For children's parties you can use bunches of colorful or themed balloons to decorate the cake and food tables. For a touch of elegance, gold, white, black and pastel colored balloons are just what you need! For more elegant looks, the trick is to pick less variety of colors, especially primary colors, and stick to more muted or metallic tones. Clipping photos to the end of balloon strings also makes for an intimate touch to any birthday party.



Nothing is more fun than a DIY photo booth. It is a great way to entertain guests at both children and adult parties. Many party shops sell affordable props to use at your Photo Booth. All you need is a sheet of fabric, streamers, balloons, you name it! Set out a small wall and put whatever colors and props you will like to see in the background, set up a prop box with silly glasses, mustaches, hats and whatever else you fancy and watch your guests have an amazing time taking photos! Downloading stencils and making the props is also a good way to get crafty with friends and family before the party.


Of course no party is done without those Victoria Eggs finishing touches! Select from our many colors and themes of tea towels, mugs, and gift wrap to add a VE touch to your food service and displays!

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