An American Intern in London

With my last couple weeks in London drawing near and my final day interning for Victoria Eggs already here, I can't help but think where the time has gone. As a student and intern in London for 4 months, I can now appreciate why Victoria is so passionate about Britishness, dedicated to proudly saluting and celebrating all that makes Britain British.

Living here for four months, I have come to adore this green and pleasant land and know that a little part of me will always remain here in London town. With iconic images, including The Queen's head, Union Jack, and red telephone boxes, the language, the food, and of course the British craze for a good cuppa, there is so much that I will miss about this ever so brilliantly vibrant city.

Throughout my time here, I've managed to compile a few of my own personal favourite spots helping me feel a bit more of a local, although still retaining my American accent of course.

One of my utmost favourite spots for a guaranteed good Italian meal is Da Mario on Gloucester Road in South Kensington. Situated in a Venetian and Gothic style 120 year old building, Da Mario is full of charm and character. Armed with excellent friendly Italian service, every meal I've had there, which is a lot, has been nothing but scrumptious. If you're a Parma ham fanatic like me, you must try my favourite gourmet pizza, the Regina, topped with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, Parma ham, fresh rocket, parmesan, and fresh basil.

One of my other weekly visits has been Marylebone Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings. Much smaller and intimate than the other farmer's market, Marylebone is the perfect stop after a Sunday brunch to stalk up on fresh vegetables and fruits for the week. It's also where I get the most scrumptious homemade pesto, made with parmesan in replace of salt.

Having tried many gelato spots throughout the city, probably a few too many, nothing has topped The Kensington Crêperie in South Kensington. Rich, thick, and creamy, each of the various flavours is a downright delicious delight.

And, of course, I have officially joined the British craze for a good cuppa. My first couple of weeks here I was in serious withdrawal from my morning cup of strong coffee. I struggled to find an equivalently strong cup of coffee to ours in America, but it wasn't too long before I was converted, now waking up each morning craving nothing but a good brew of English Breakfast tea. Even after quickly realizing taking your drink on the go was not the norm, I still struggle sitting down and enjoying my cuppa but rather always wanting to take it on the go. Visit anywhere in America during morning rush hour and you will find yourself surrounded by travel mugs overflowing with piping hot coffee clenched in commuters' fists. So learning to sit down and enjoy a nice hot drink rather than madly carrying it on the go was a true adjustment as an American.

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