8 Fun Ideas to Create Wonderful Mother's Day Memories

The UK was the first place in the world to dedicate a special day for mothers as early as the 1600s. Traditionally in England we call this day 'Mothering Sunday' and it’s the day to show love, gratitude and appreciation to all wonderful mums everywhere!

Whether we're mums, daughters, grandmothers, or all of the above, Mother's Day holds a special opportunity to do something lovely. Here are just a few ideas of how you can show your love and create wonderful memories of Mother's Days past and present.

Take mum on an exotic ‘vacation’



Does your mum have a favourite destination, somewhere she’s travelled, you’ve visited together or somewhere she has a dream of being one day, a location that has a special place in her heart?

You don’t have to whisk her off to Paris or Rome for the weekend, it’s the delightfulness of thoughtful details that is appreciated as much as grand gestures.

You can gift your mum a taste of France, Italy, India or absolutely any destination that is precious to her. Create a breakfast, picnic lunch or dinner (even order from her favourite deli or restaurant) and create the flavour and ambience of the place. Adorn your kitchen or dining room table with a colourful tablecloth, fresh flowers, trinkets from the area, even music of the region! Whether it’s exotic shores or a seaside destination close to home, celebrate whilst being transported!

Plant a special memory

Let your Mum choose packets of flower seeds or a beautiful plant or fruit tree, pick a spot in your garden if you have one, or in a flower box, and spend quality time creating something beautiful together which will bloom into a wonderful Mother's Day memory.

Write a letter to your mum

Do you have a special memory of your mum that will be precious to her, one she may have forgotten, and will love to be reminded of? Along with a letter from you describing a memory that means so much to you, a gift of a photo of you both from that time is something your mum will truly treasure.

Gift of a family treasure

A lovely idea as a mum on this special day is to gift something to your child or children. It may be a family treasure or it may be something that you have chosen as a token of your love that can become a family treasure in years ahead.

A day trip to remember





Put a smile on mum’s face, take her on a special day trip to a place of fun and interest, something a little further than she would usually venture or a little more adventurous than she would do by herself. A theatre show in London, an exhibition, a shopping trip to Harrods or a ride on the tourist trail in an open top London Bus! Gift a special momentum of your time together that your mom will use often and be reminded frequently of her special day.

Bake a Bouquet Cake




Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in different ways on different days. In France they have a wonderful tradition where mum is presented with a cake that looks like a bouquet of flowers. Consider making your mother a flower bouquet cake or if your mum loves baking this is something you can have fun with together. This might be your new ‘Mother’s Day Tradition’ – see below!



Create a new tradition

Consider starting a new tradition that you will do with your mum every year whether it’s baking together, going to a luxury spa or a day out shopping, choose it and name it as your very own tradition, something that you and mum will look forward to every year.

Appreciate her passions




Buying a gift around what your mum loves shows considered thought, often mum’s don’t spend money on luxuries for themselves so whether it’s gardening, baking, eating, sailing or drinking tea, find one piece that says ‘I know you will love this!’


Happy Mother's Day!

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