Victoria Eggs at Henley Regatta

When the elegance, tradition and ceremony of the Henley Royal Regatta and Victoria’s beautifully unique hand-illustrations meet. Quintessentially, a very British event. 

The Henley Royal Regatta, an epitome of elegance and tradition, draws in crowds dressed in their finery, delicately sipping Moet champagne along the serene banks of the Thames.

This year, Victoria Eggs has captured the spirit of Henley Regatta in a stunning design featuring iconic elements from this timeless tradition.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Henley Royal Regatta is undoubtedly the best-known regatta in the world, and a highlight of both the Summer sporting calendar and the social season.

A spectacle that marries sporting excellence with high fashion and a touch of British charm. 

The regatta, established in 1839, has become synonymous with Summer sophistication, and Rowers from around the world compete in over 300 races across the week. 

Victoria Eggs at Henley Regatta

Having had the privilege to attend the regatta for research and product display, Victoria has not only witnessed the grandeur of the event, but used her experience to encapsulate its essence in her bespoke design. 

She also delighted in spotting people browsing, buying and using her collection, which was an absolute joy to be able to witness. 


"It has been such a pleasure working with Victoria Eggs on our custom collection. It is rare to find such a talented artist/designer who also has such a keen eye for detail throughout the whole process – all the way from quoting through to confirming the finer details such as packaging, barcoding etc. She has made the whole process very easy and we are so pleased with the resulting collection, both the look of the range and also the high quality and beautiful packaging. The collection has been very popular with our customers – with items selling out in record time!" - Katrina Falinska, Henley Regatta

Uniquely featuring Henley Regatta’s most iconic elements

The intricately hand-drawn design is a glorious celebration of the event's most iconic elements. The pin badge and keyring feature the regatta's signature deck chairs, the famous boater hat, and the distinctive striped jackets worn by competing teams. 

The design also incorporates the umpire flag, Temple Island at the start of the race, the Henley race schedule, and the coveted annual member badges, each themselves completely unique and collectible.

How It's Made: A Commitment to Quality

Victoria Eggs takes pride in the meticulous craftsmanship of her products. From ethically-sourced traceable cotton for textiles to environmentally friendly water-based inks for printing, each item tells a story. The ceramics, handcrafted from Cornish Clay in Staffordshire, embody a blend of heritage and contemporary design. The bone ash, a key component, is sourced from a local butchery, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Victoria Eggs’ dedication to minimal packaging, made from easily recyclable materials, further aligns with our ethos of responsible production. You can read more about our sustainability policy here.


Supporting Independent British Businesses

Victoria Eggs' commitment to supporting independent British businesses is evident throughout our production process. Working closely with manufacturers who prioritise sustainable materials and processes, the brand contributes to the longevity of traditional craftsmanship while embracing modern design trends. 

One of our textile suppliers, has also been recognised for its efforts in creating employment opportunities for people with disability, supporting a more fair and equal community for everyone. 


Bespoke Designs

We take commissions for bespoke projects which align with the Victoria Eggs brand, for more information click here.

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