Q+A With Lagardère, our February Retailer Of The Month

Our retailers are such an important part of the Wonderful World of Victoria Eggs. So, in celebration of the incredible people we work alongside, we’re proud to bring you our February Retailer of the Month.

This month, we spoke to the lovely team over at Lagardère's new Discover London in Luton Airport.

We caught up with Store Manager Andy Carr, and Buyer Margherita Panizza, to find out a little more about their store.


Tell us a bit about your shop

Margherita: Discover London is a concept store developed by Lagardère Travel Retail UK. The first location successfully opened in London Heathrow T2 in May 2022, followed by Stansted in July of the same year and the most recent is the store in London Luton Airport which opened on the 19th of December 2023. 

Discover London is all about gifting, for people you love, but also for yourself…because we all need a little treat sometimes!

Everything we have in our stores is carefully selected thinking about the passenger profile which is different in all locations.

All stores are unique.

We aim to have the best gifts from iconic British brands across different categories: food, alcohol, gifting and fashion. We review our products selection constantly to make sure we have the best offer for our customers, always being creative and passionate about what we sell. 


Describe your shop in three words!

Margherita: Unique, welcoming, creative


What’s important to you as a shop manager?

Andy: Creating a fun and enjoyable environment. Where customers feel welcomed and can find what they’re looking for.. & where my team can showcase their passion to deliver great customer service. 


What do you love about being a shop manager? 

Andy: I love working with people and being part of a team. I love being able to assist customers in making the right choice and having a positive impact on their day. And I love walking into work knowing no two days will ever be the same.


What’s your favourite season in the shop?

Margherita: My favourite season in the shop is Spring! That’s when all the products we carefully selected in the first months of the year will come in store and we can create new beautiful displays and see customers reactions. It’s also the start of the peak season when people start travelling again after the quiet winter months.

The second favourite is Christmas of course! That’s when the shops become also Santa’s favourite place to pick presents!


Why do you choose to stock Victoria Eggs?

Margherita: Victoria Eggs represents all that we want in the products we sell in our store: iconic and unique British design, high quality materials, premium look, creativity. The product ranges are beautiful and there is one perfect for every customer. And on top of that, working with Victoria and her team is great and in the few years we’ve worked together we've built a strong partnership.


What’s your favourite Victoria Eggs collection?

Margherita: My favourite collection is definitely the Royally British. That’s what I would buy in our stores for myself or as a present. The hand illustrated design is beautiful and every detail has a reference to the Royal Family and Britain’s history. 


Where can people find you?

Lagardère Travel Retail is a global leader in the Travel Retail industry. Investing our world-class global expertise and local knowledge to bring tailor-made offers and experiences to life that benefit landlords and travellers alike, we operate over 5,000 stores across Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Fashion and Foodservice in airports, railway stations and other concessions in 42 countries.


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