Getting Crafty for Christmas

It’s super busy in the office at the moment with so many of your wanting something from Victoria Eggs under the tree, thanks for that by the way! But everyone needs some quiet time; you could catch a slightly cringy day time movie, take a scenic winter walk or like we have make some of your own handmade Christmas decorations.

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We have some solid favourites starting with some do it yourself origami stars! A classic shape that will work anywhere whether on your Christmas tree or made into a garland like we did.

You’re going to need:

+ Paper

+ Scissors

+ Embroidery Needle

+ String or Twine

+ Blue Tac or something to hang it up with.

Really easy to make once you get the hang of it, follow Victoria’s simple video tutorial below to help you get started.

Once you get going they start to get easier and quicker to make, we started with 20cm x 20cm squares but any sized works, it just gets a bit fiddly the smaller you go! We couldn’t resist using some of our Festive Fun gift wrap matched with some brown kraft paper and red and grey origami sheets to really make the garland stand out. Use a needle to pierce a whole at the tip of each star then thread onto coloured string or twine leaving space between each one.

Garland Montage

TOP TIP: If you're using a roll of wrapping paper cut your squares and then leave them under a book to flatten before starting folding. It stops the paper from trying to roll back up while you work.

Our lovely gift wrap is a high quality thick 100gsm matte paper perfect for paper craft decorations as well as wrapping presents. They come in 50cm x 70cm sheets making at least 6 stars a sheet with extra left over for gift tags, bows or any other little embellishments you can think of. 


For more paper craft and festive ideas check out our Pinterest boards:

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Share with us your own paper craft creations, we'd love to see them!

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