DIY Gifts Filled With Love - For Him

Why not treat that special man to something thoughtful and handmade this year. Whether you're buying for his birthday, Father's Day, anniversary or Christmas these handmade gifts are sure to bring a smile to his face. Buying any of the items from your Dad's wish list will surely make his day, but in my experience, the gifts that mean the most are the ones people make for you. Knowing that someone has spent their time crafting something just for you is truly special.

Homemade gifts can be a cost saving alternative and help you cross numerous people off your list without spending more than you have. The following 5 DIY gifts for men are all relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

Here are 5 simple and thoughtful handmade gifts for men that you can make yourself:


1. 52 I Owe You’s!

A simple and thoughtful gift for Dad's. This gift is a lot of fun and the theme can vary depending on who this gift is for. This is a great gift to give from children to their parents and fill it with things that will help their their parents out, or a list of reasons why you love them. This is a really thoughtful gift and keepsake with loads of room for creativity.

Materials: (Time: 1 Hour) 
Pack of playing cards (the ones I have used are £1 from Tiger), plain paper, ribbon, scissors, pen, hole punch, glue.

How to:
1. Turn the cards face up and punch a hole in the top left corner of each card and tie together with ribbon.

2. Cut out 52 pieces of paper approximately 3cm x 5cm and stick them in the center of each playing card. For kids creating a thoughtful Father's Day gift write an ‘I owe you’ on each one, maybe something that will make your parents life a little easier. e.g. making your bed, daily hugs, drying the dishes, breakfast in bed. For those sending it to someone special write the many reasons you love that person or happy memories you've shared together.


2. For the BBQ King! (10 mins)

This oven glove gift set is a simple but effective gift for any man who loves cooking up a storm on the BBQ. Most men in my experience enjoy cooking (I'm very lucky to be surrounded by great chefs) but even those that don't seem to need no excuse to bring out the barbecue! Come rain or shine from May to September the smell of BBQ's fill the streets and this simple gift is the perfect gift to encourage such a feast.

Materials: (Time 10 Mins)
An oven Mitt, kitchen essentials such as wooden spoons, spatula, whisks etc, (I’ve used a Cockney Rhyming Slang oven mitt and kitchen essentials from Tiger and Ikea) ribbon.

How to:
1. Place the assortment of kitchen goodies into an oven mitt and tie with a coordinated bow. Simple but effective!


4. Terrainium 

A terrarium is a unique way to brighten any man cave! Terrariums bring greenery to indoor spaces and are perfect for when you can't grow outdoors. They create an indoor garden that fits on any table top and provide a perfect escape from the miserable weather outside. They are easy to care for and don't require any special skills for success. Because they look like miniature parks or gardens you can have a little fun and add tiny animals, set of swings or miniature figures to yours to create a mini world.

(30mins) Clear glass open top container, small rocks, various succulents and cactus, potting soil, spoon and string.

How to:
1.Fill the vessel with 1 ½ inches of small rocks. Add potting soil, remove plants from their containers and using the end of a spoon make a hole in the soil big enough for each plant. Press down firmly.

2.Tie the top with a piece of string and hang from a shelf or wall hook.


4. Homemade strawberry jam: 

Homemade jam is a simple and delicious treat for those guys with a sweet tooth. It's also cheap and makes a very impressive gift. People love jam but for some reason everyone thinks it's difficult to make whereas in reality it's actually very simple. If your man doesn't like jam then why not try making marmalade or a chutney instead. 

Materials: (Time 40mins) 
1kg of fresh strawberries,1 lemon (juice only),1kg jam sugar, glass jars, sticky labels.

How to:
1. Cut the strawberries in half and put them into a large pan along with the lemon juice. Heat for a few minutes, add the sugar and stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Boil steadily for about six minutes, or until at setting point.

3. Set aside to cool for ten minutes. Spoon into sterilised jars, label and seal and tie with ribbon. I’ve used mini jars (£1 for 2) and wooden spoons (£1 for 3) from Tiger.


5. Gift card fun

This jar filled with M&M's and a gift card is a seriously yummy and creative way to give a voucher. for those that are difficult to buy for you may wish to give them a gift card or voucher for their favourite shop (usually iTunes vouchers in my family!) but instead of simply handing over the envelope with the voucher in why not make it that extra bit special and surround the card with their favourite sweets!

Materials: (Time 5 mins)
A large glass jar, gift card, sweets of your choice, ribbon, gift tag.

How to:
1. Empty your chosen packet of sweets, (I’ve chosen to use M&M’s) and fill the glass jar. Place the gift card inside so it’s hidden from view.

2. Tie ribbon around the top of the jar and write a message on the gift tag. You could give each colour a meaning e.g. orange is for making me laugh, yellow is for always listening or write a nice message. This makes a great gift for teachers.

Many of these gifts could also work for women, if you're looking for further handmade gift ideas read our blog 'DIY Gift ideas for her'.



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